Cultural Marxists thus developed several strategic tools, among which
have become known as CRITICAL THEORY and ANDROGYNY. So pervasive has
the deployment of the later tool become over the past forty years,
you can observe some application of it in almost every Hollywood
movie. Indeed, today a majority of movies coming out not only display
ALIEN WOMEN, but have at least one of the following ANDROGYNOUS

Dysfunctional family
Divorced or separated family
Wife is harsh, aggressive, and/or slut
Husband is aloof and/or cheater
“Stay-at-home mother” is ABNORMAL
“Out-of-the-house mother” is NORMAL
Father is gone, drunk, abusive or tardy
Young children are in day “care”
Older children hate/dislike father, mother or both
Father, mother or sibling cross-dresses
Gay or lesbian in the family
Gay or lesbian friend
Homosexuals ALWAYS portrayed as “more normal” or “saner”

Wer mehr wissen will, hier ist der Trailer. (via nettime)


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